Eid’s “Dream House”

It’s the dream of all parents to raise their children in an environment of stability and security, to create a space where they can explore their ideas and bring their full selves into this world. Living under the constant threat of demolition, the village of Um al-Khair has the dubious distinction of having pending demolition orders from the Israeli military all but two homes. This embattled little Palestinian enclave is hardly a bastion of stability.

Eid’s Dream Home project represents what most Palestinians want in this life: normalcy.

“In 2011 I was given a small grant by Ghadir Fund for Young Emerging Artists. I decided that this project would be to build my dream home. In the beginning, I thought that I could do it in three months. But a home takes more than three months to build,” Eid explained when embarking on this display. “After a year of working on it I finally built my dream home – and it really is ‘my’ dream home, as my wife Na’ama will tell you!”

Roughly a meter and a half long, there are eight intricate and detailed rooms. The house is donned with a garden on top with sustainable energy sources through solar panels and a wind turbine.

“There is a room for our children Sadin and Lin, for Naama and me and for our friends who come to visit. There is a living room, a playroom, a kitchen, shower, bathroom and my workshop,” Eid continued. “In the meantime, the threat to my real home in Um al-Khair goes on. The last time the Israeli military and Israeli Civil Administration came to demolish a house in my village I ran home to take out all of the important things out – you never know which houses they are going to demolish. So I took all the valuable things out of the house, which included my models. When they come next time I am not sure I know how to take this house out since it is so big.”


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