About Tariq Hathaleen

Tariq Hathaleen is 24 years old and studies English teaching methods at Hebron University, although he is preparing to graduate shortly. He is from the village of Um al-Khair, and has been a peace activist for more than five years. Tariq became involved in activism as a result of his observation that there was a need for more voices speaking out against human rights abuses and home demolitions, and he hopes to defend his community in this way. Tariq wishes to live the advice of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), who says that it is better to go and help one's brother than to stay in the mosque and pray for one month.

At Any Time

At Any Time UM AL-KHAIR | 11.05.2014 By Tariq Hathaleen Our lives in Um al-Khair are simple and normal in many respects.

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Sustaining Resistance

Sustaining Resistance UM AL-KHAIR | 10.27.2014 By Tariq Hathaleen As Bedouins, we live a traditional lifestyle of relying on the land, of

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A Mother’s Burden

A Mother’s Burden UM AL-KHAIR | 01.13.2013 By Tariq Hathaleen For a mother, their hearts are made to protect and care for

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Mornings Under Military Occupation

Mornings Under Military Occupation UM AL-KHAIR | 01.25.2012 By Tariq Hathaleen Asleep in bed, tucked in under the covers and away from

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No Room For Love

No Room For Love UM AL-KHAIR | 08.09.2011 By Awdah Hathaleen In our village, we don’t have the luxury of water, even

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My First Home Demolition

My First Home Demolition UM AL-KHAIR | 10.31.2008 By Tariq Hathaleen For most children, school time is supposed to be a time

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Life Shaped by Bulldozers

Life Shaped by Bulldozers UM AL-KHAIR | 2.14.2007 By Tariq Hathaleen The violence of Israel’s military occupation has shaped our lives in

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