As a means to help provide income to some of the people in Um al-Khair, the Good Shepherd Collective runs a guest house and several workshops as a means to generate jobs. Because of the coronavirus, all our groups are canceled for the summer and into the fall.

Coronavirus Support

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Awdah Hathaleen

The Good Shepherd Collective is reaching out for support. We’ve adhered to a model of development that favors individual donations over often restrictive grants that can limit the ways organizations build movements of political resistance. We’ve taken big steps forward over the last three years, advancing our work through two main revenue streams: individual donors and income generated from our political tours, community workshops, and overnight stay in the South Hebron Hills. As a result, we’ve had an independent, stable income that allows us to carry out our work according to our principles. 

With the development of a new travel and community workshop website, the Good Shepherd Collective has already had several large international groups ready to come into the community, like several week-long art workshops for the kids during the summer, and a home rebuilding project. Now with the absolutely necessary coronavirus social distancing restrictions, those gatherings are canceled for the summer. 

The money generated from these briefings, workshops, meals, and lodgings doesn’t just go to provide for the operational costs of the Good Shepherd Collective, they also generate income for individuals and families in Um al Khair working with the Good Shepherd Collective. For example, when we organize groups, the women and children who prepare the meals, clean, and provide hospitality through the guest house for our visitors – this money goes to support several families in Um al-Khair. A large chunk of that revenue is now gone. 

The economic hardship is compounded by several members of the community unable to work and no social safety net to compensate for their lost wages. Several families are now facing financial hardship. 

We are asking people to step into this moment of difficulty and help in material ways to support the Good Shepherd Collective and those community members who are reliant on groups and visitors. 

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