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A brief history of the Palestinian community of Um al-Khair.

Be an advocate

It is important that you let your elected officials know your concerns about the pending demolitions in Um al-Khair. If you are a US citizen, please sign onto this petition and send a letter to your representatives urging them to take action and prevent the ongoing violence in Um al-Khair.

Upcoming Events

Join us in the South Hebron Hills as we unite in solidarity and work towards creating a future of peace and justice.

These work days provide more than just tangible solidarity on the ground, it is the way for you to be radically engaged in the global movement for justice. Our next event is coming up soon, so let’s be in touch.

Tariq Hathaleen, GSC Coordinator


Like many other Palestinian communities, our lives have been characterized by displacement and resisting further displacement. Our lives have been in a constant form of resistance in the pursuit of justice.

Tariq Hathaleen, Good Shepherd Collective

While we’ve watched nearly all our homes be demolished, and the communities around us be demolished, or at least live under the threat of demolition – we have hope. We have hope because we’ve been a part of successful campaigns and know that solidarity between broad movements can usher in justice.

Eid Hathaleen, Good Shepherd Collective

When people come to the communities and listen to our stories, when we talk about all of these painful events in the context of international law, people become invested this movement of justice. We continue to believe because we see the movement for justice growing.

Awdah Hathaleen, Good Shepherd Collective

Resist with us

Our ability to stay active on the ground in the face of ongoing oppression and violence is reliant on your material support. Please consider joining this movement by being a money financial contributor to the Good Shepherd Collective. 

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*For tax-free donations, US citizens can use the Alliance For Global Justice here. UK citizens can make a GiftAid contribution through the British Shalom-Salaam Trust here.

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