Work days in the South Hebron Hills.

The Good Shepherd Collective Projects

Our community building centers on several key projects on the ground: the beehive farm, Eid’s art workshop, and the greenhouse. Together, these physical projects provide tangible support for the community of Um al-Khair. Each of these projects is income generating through either their production of commerce or through educational workshops. Each one serves as a mechanism to highlight the different ways that resistance is cultivated through community building, both locally and internationally. We encourage you to come to see these projects, either as an individual or with a group.

The Bee Hive Project

Right now the northern community of Um al-Khair is operating a 10-box bee farm, which provides incomes for 12 families. In their first honey harvest, the community produced nearly 100 kilograms of honey. While selling the honey on the local market is a crucial monetary function of the bee hives, it serves as a crucial element to the community programming and as a project for some of the international volunteers in the Holy Land.


The Greenhouse Project

The greenhouse in Um al-Khair is a half dunum greenhouse that can produce up to 6,000 to 7,000 kilos of cucumbers per growing season, with potentially three seasons a year. These can be sold to the local market in Yatta for 2 shekels per kilo. The greenhouse may also be able to produce roughly 8,000 to 9,000 kilos of tomatoes per growing season, with two growing seasons a year. These can be sold for 2 shekels per kilo, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture. The agricultural yield could produce 12,000 to 21,000 ₪ before costs (seedlings – 1000 ₪, pesticides and fertilizer 3,000 ₪, and greenhouse 15,000 ₪). The project not only provides financially for the community but serves as a key activity for education and international volunteer days.


Like many other Palestinian communities, our lives have been characterized by displacement and resisting further displacement. Our lives have been in a constant form of resistance in the pursuit of justice.

Tariq Hathaleen, Um al-Khair

While we’ve watched nearly all our homes be demolished, and the communities around us be demolished, or at least live under the threat of demolition – we have hope. We have hope because we’ve been a part of successful campaigns and know that solidarity between broad movements can usher in justice.

Eid Hathaleen, Um al-Khair

When people come to the communities and listen to our stories, when we talk about all of these painful events in the context of international law, people become invested this movement of justice. We continue to believe because we see the movement for justice growing.

Awdah Hathaleen, Um al-Khair

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