Demolishing Our Dreams

Demolishing Our Dreams UM AL-KHAIR | 11.15.2016 By Awdah Hathaleen For the Bedouin people, community is everything. Our families are big

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A Disregard for Humanitarian Aid

A Disregard for Humanitarian Aid UM AL-KHAIR | 08.09.2016 By Awdah Hathaleen The international community, through a long history of pain and

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A Wedding Demolished

A Wedding Demolished UM AL-KHAIR | 06.04.2016 By Awdah Hathaleen Our long history of demolitions has taught us one thing: Violence is

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No Room For Love

No Room For Love UM AL-KHAIR | 08.09.2011 By Awdah Hathaleen In our village, we don’t have the luxury of water, even

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