Join us in demanding that charities funding violence and oppression be shut down! 

Regavim report cover

Regavim Report

Download this critical report to learn how charitable donations from the United States, Canada and elsewhere are funding indigenous erasure. Our report highlights Regavim’s questionable fundraising methods, details its organizational structure, and sheds light on its strategies to use lawfare to displace Palestinians from their properties and rights.

Good Shepherd Collective

We are a collective of individuals and organizations seeking to change the structures that perpetuate violence in Palestine. We understand violence to be rooted in the structures and laws that guide civil formation and order. As such, we reject the binary discourse of “Israelis vs. Palestinians” and focus our energy on addressing settler-colonialism and other forms of violence by targeting the structures that facilitate these regimes. This is how we work toward justice.

Olive Tree Campaign

For Palestinians, the olive tree carries a message of hope and sumud. When we look to the olive tree, we are reminded of our history in this land and how Palestinian people can survive anything. For many small Palestinian villages the olive tree is very important in the community. A lot of families rely on the olive tree to take care of them for the entire year, gathering enough olive oil and collecting enough olives until the following season. Your willingness to stand in solidarity with these small Palestinian communities gives many families hope. Join us in this important act of resistance and help us plant olive trees for the future.

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