Ahmed Hathaleen, Um al-Khair, Palestine

Ahmed’s Story

Ahmed Hathaleen’s story is the story of all young Palestinians living under military occupation. His day, like the millions of other of Palestinians, consists of navigating Israel’s matrix of racial oppression. You can help Ahmed and the millions of other young children like him by engaging in justice work so that they too can have a bright, healthy future.

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Our Strategy

For too long, international aid and development money have had undue influence on Palestinian resistance to Israel’s military occupation. The Good Shepherd Collective is moving forward by building a sustainable, grassroots movement based on individual donations that are free from the entanglements of large donors with their own set of priorities. Funding our work by individual donations doesn’t just free us up from political influences — it also forces us to invest our time in networking and movement building. Our strategy of reliance on individuals’ donations puts the focus on staying in solidarity with the larger movement toward justice and allows our team to spend more time building effective strategies for change.

Your monthly donation ensures that we are able to keep a physical presence in the most marginal communities in the South Hebron Hills and do meaningful advocacy work. Your contribution is an essential investment to usher in a new future of peace and justice.

We are asking you to invest in this movement and give a small amount each month. Donating one, two, or three dollars a month makes a huge impact.

*If you are a US citizen and want to make a tax-deductible contribution, you can through our US-based non-profit, the Alliance For Global Justice.
**If you are a UK citizen and want to make a tax-deductible contribution, you can through our UK-based non-profit, the The British Shalom-Salaam Trust.

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Why Give?

When you donate to the Good Shepherd Collective, you are making a tangible difference in our ability to continue the work of solidarity and justice-centered movement building for the marginalized communities in the South Hebron Hills.

More specifically, you are helping fund our efforts, including ensuring a protective presence around home demolitions, the community greenhouse, agricultural projects, and beehives, as well as our educational projects and tours.

Make a Difference

We understand that the power of change comes from grassroots movements. When thousands of people rally in solidarity, change is inevitable. It’s that individual commitment that has brought us into this space. Will you join us in this movement with a monthly contribution?

*If you are a US citizen and want to make a tax-deductible contribution, you can through our US-based non-profit, the Alliance For Global Justice.
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As Palestinians who have lived under Israel’s military occupation for decades, we have come to understand that solidarity is more than just in thought and in spirit. When one of our homes is destroyed whether in Um al-Khair or Khan al-Ahmar, we have to give back in real, tangible ways.

Tariq Hathaleen, Good Shepherd Collective

In our small community, a community without much influence, we have continued to resist in real ways because people have stood with us during the hard times and have given of themselves in real ways.

Awdah Hathaleen, Good Shepherd Collective

We continue to hope for a better future, not just for the people of the South Hebron Hills, or just Palestinians – but for a better future of everyone on this land. We know together we can make that a reality.

Eid Hathaleen, Good Shepherd Collective

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