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For too long, international aid and development money has had undue influence on Palestinian resistance to Israel’s program of colonization and settlement. The Good Shepherd Collective is moving forward by building a sustainable, grassroots movement based on individual donations that are free from the entanglements of large donors with their own set of priorities. Funding our work by individual donations doesn’t just free us up from political influences — it also forces us to invest our time in networking and movement building. Our strategy of reliance on individuals’ donations puts the focus on staying in solidarity with the larger movement toward justice and allows our team to spend more time building effective strategies for change.

Your monthly donation ensures that we are able to center decolonial Palestinian analysis in everything we do, meaningfully support local organizers across Palestine and engage in meaningful advocacy work. Your contribution is an essential investment to usher in a new future of equity and justice.

We are asking you to invest in this movement and give a small amount each month. Even donating two, five, or ten dollars a month makes a huge impact. 

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