The Beehive Project

As a result of Israel’s military occupation and program of colonization, Um al-Khair, like other Palestinian communities, has been impacted by home demolitions and land confiscation. These mechanisms of violence, coupled restrictions of movement in these remote geographical areas causes almost insurmountable monetary damages. While strategies of political change that focus on overturning unjust laws will ultimately lead to liberation and peace, it is also paramount that we construct parallel programs to help at-risk communities endure while resisting injustices. The bee hives in Um al-Khair work on the level of financial support to a community under heavy pressure by both the Israeli state and the settler community to be evicted.

How the Beehive Helps

Right now the northern community of Um al-Khair is operating a 10-box bee farm, which provides incomes for 12 families. In their first honey harvest, the communities produced nearly 100 kilograms of honey. While selling the honey on the local market is a crucial monetary function of the greenhouse, it also serves as a vital element to the community programming and functions as one of the projects for international volunteers in the Holy Land.


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