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GSC is an anti-Zionist, anti-colonial organization. We work alongside our partners on the ground to openly discuss and address the violent and unjust structures operating in Palestine and provide educational resources and action items to bring us closer to justice. GSC understands oppression to be rooted in the systems and laws that guide civil formation and order. As such, we reject the binary discourse of “Israelis vs. Palestinians” and instead focus our energy on addressing settler-colonialism and other forms of violence by targeting the structures that facilitate these regimes. GSC advocates for structural change, directing our collective energy at policies and laws that underpin these structures through grassroots campaigns. In this way, advocacy campaigns reflect the immediate needs of Palestinians on the the ground while linking grassroots in a transnational call for the rights of all people, building broad coalitions across movements. 


Our ability to stay active on the ground in the face of ongoing oppression and violence is reliant on your material support. Please consider joining this movement by being a money financial contributor to the Good Shepherd Collective. 

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