Update: Fundraiser completed!

Thank you for everyone who donated. We’ve completed the fundraiser and will provide updates once the tractor is returned. For folks still wanting to contribute to the work of the Good Shepherd Collective, you can do so through this link here.

Help return a community tractor    

On Mar 30, 2022, Israeli forces entered the Palestinian community of Masafer Yatta, attacked rural farmers, and confiscated agricultural and transportation equipment belonging to Fadel Rabie. In the context of the recent Israeli court decision to forcibly displace communities within the 918 Firing Zone, these tactics of violence are used to destabilize and eventually replace Indigenous communities with foreign settler outposts.

“In these communities, we all have to work together to survive. That includes sharing resources, such as transportation, building equipment, and finances,” explained Sami Huraini, community organizer for Youth of Sumud. “The Israeli government knows that when they take Fadel’s tractor, they are taking a community tractor. They know it stops work. It disrupts agricultural production. They know that taking this tractor is a strategic decision to smash the hope of the communities of Masafer Yatta.”

Youth of Sumud and the Good Shepherd Collective is raising funds to ensure that Fadel Rabie can pay his fines and get his tractor out of the Israeli compound. We asking people to step in and help raise the $3,000 to return this tractor to the community.

Return community tractor

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal. For those wanting to continue to give to the work of the Good Shepherd Collective, you can follow this link here.