Good Shepherd Collective Work Days

Work days are not only an important act of resistance and solidarity but a deeply engaging way to understand the finer points of how Israel’s military occupation impacts everyday life. Palestinian resistance on-the-ground to Israel’s planning and zoning regime in south provides a glimpse into one of the many mechanisms of decolonization: Staying and investing in their lands in tangible ways.

As Israel’s Civil Administration, in conjunction with the Israeli settler movement, continue to annex lands, restrict natural housing expansion, impose restrictions of movement on Palestinians and human rights defenders – silencing the call for justice – your physical presence is crucial. It is through these deep, meaningful experiences in communities facing expulsion that you are able to carry an alternative message into your networks and community and build upon the movement for human rights in Palestine.

What to expect at a work day

At the work days, you always get a historical and political debriefing of the community, coupled with an analysis of the next action steps to take towards peace and justice. Palestinian hospitality always includes tea and or coffee, as well as a meal. While the physical work is important, we also understand that everybody can only do tasks within their means. So whether or not you’re able to take on a heavy load of manual labor isn’t as important as your willingness to find ways that you can take part in the movement of justice.

What to bring to a work day?

While there is always water, it is helpful to bring your own. When thinking of what to wear, think about good shoes and modest dress, as well as the weather conditions. If it is sunny, bring sunscreen. If it is cold, pack extra layers. More than likely, you joined a program that had a planned meal – but bringing snacks is always helpful. Bring a camera because photos are such an important part of telling the story of Palestinian resistance to Israel’s colonization.

Upcoming Solidarity Events

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