Youth of Sumud

Youth of Sumud

A collective of young activists from the heart of the South Hebron Hills, Palestine, Youth of Sumud represents a new generation of human rights activists willing to confront oppression and violence to usher in a new future of justice and equality. Faced with the constant threat of Israeli military force and Israeli settler attacks, their community lives under perpetual oppression. Confronting these systems of colonialization, Youth of Sumud use peaceful popular resistance as a way of taking back the power and rights the occupation attempts to withhold from them and their community. Regularly organizing and leading non-violent demonstrations and developing long-term projects to resist against the injustices, Youth of Sumud is a vital partner to the Good Shepherd Collective in the movement of liberation. They were at the forefront of the returning a Palestinian presence to Sarura; a Palestinian village forced out under military pressure. Their establishment of the Sumud Freedom Camp – alongside a collective of Palestinian, Israelis, Jewish and international justice seekers the young activists – served as a galvanizing moment of justice. You can follow Youth of Sumud on Facebook here.

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Documenting Israeli military human rights violations on the ground, Ali was arrested along with others, had fines imposed on them and had their phones taken away. Support them in material ways here. Read more

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