Update | 1.10.2019

Thanks for continuing to support the movement for human rights in the Holy Land and specifically the Good Shepherd Collective and our work in the South Hebron Hills. Here are a few updates and facts.

The British Shalom-Salaam Trust accepted our application for fiscal sponsorship. This partnership now means that tax-payers of the UK can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Good Shepherd Collective and request Gift Aid.

Israel’s policy of home demolitions continues to pave the way for more settlement expansion. In 2018, the Israeli Civil Administration carried out 213 demolitions, destroying some 460 structures (including 56 donor-funded). The demolitions led to nearly 500 people being displaced from their homes according to OCHA data.

In the first two weeks of 2019, the Good Shepherd Collective has hosted over 30 internationals for work days in Um al-Khair. While this great progress, there is still plenty of work to be done to promote on-going advocacy initiatives, and other programs happening in Um al-Khair, like Eid’s art classes.

We are looking at the prospects of organizing a speaking tour in the United Kingdom this year, potentially in the fall, to talk about the work of the Good Shepherd Collective and the impact of Israel’s military occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands.

Since starting the Facebook page, website, and other social media outlets, we’ve garnered a lot of support, including financial contributions to maintain the work on the ground. We hope that you will follow our social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and help share the realities on the ground and upcoming opportunities to join in on the work.

The weather has been cold and rainy for the last few weeks. While the rain is always welcomed, the cold, windy nights make the conditions very harsh in Um al-Khair. As the Israeli Civil Administration doesn’t allow for the construction of adequate housing, the tents and tin houses in the community provide little in the way of keeping the heat in and the cold out.

As always, if you are a registered voter in the United States, we ask you to send a letter to representatives on behalf of the community of Um al-Khair. You can do that through this link here.

If you are able to contribute financially, even just a few dollars a month, you can do that through our website here, or if you are a US citizen needing to use a US-based charity, you can make monthly contributions through our partners, the Alliance for Global Justice. What has been encouraging is to see people say, “While I don’t have a lot of money, I am able to make a monthly donation of five dollars a month.” In many ways, we find it more encouraging when people with little means to donate, still decide to make a financial investment into the work. The little contributions add up over time and give financial flexibility in ways that grants and larger donors just can’t provide.

We hope your holidays and New Year celebrations were meaningful and fulfilling.