The progress we make and the obstacles we’ve overcome is a direct result of your continual investment in the vision of peace and justice. While the written updates can serve as a reminder of the work of the Good Shepherd Collective on the ground, the best way to see how we are shaping the local communities is to come to visit us in the South Hebron Hills.

Update | 9.27.2019

 Update | 9.27.2019August and September have been absolute buzzsaws on the Palestinian population.There were torrents of home demolitions all through the Jordan

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Update | 8.11.2019

Update | 8.11.2019 August Updates We’ve continued to make big strides locally and internationally in terms of building our networks in

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Update | 7.12.2019

Update | 7.12.2019 July Updates The Israeli Civil Administration is currently in what appears to be another wave of strategic, precision-type

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Update | 5.29.2019

Update | 5.29.2019 May Updates During Ramadan, we are reminded to take gratitude in that which has been given, that which

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Update | 6.18.2019

Update | 6.18.2019 June Updates With the rejection of petitions in the Israeli legal system, there is a renewed threat of

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Update | 4.23.2019

Update | 4.23.2019 April Updates With the calls for the annexation of the West Bank and the wave of home demolitions

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Update | 3.10.2019

Update | 3.10.2019 March Updates The Good Shepherd Collective finished the first harvest from the greenhouse with a healthy yield of

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Update | 2.10.2019

Update | 2.10.2019 It has been a busy month for the Good Shepherd Collective. Most importantly, we convened a meeting in South

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