Update | 6.18.2019

June Updates

With the rejection of petitions in the Israeli legal system, there is a renewed threat of the demolition of 45 homes and structures in the community of Um al-Khair. While there is some potential of legal mediation between the village of Um al-Khair and the Civil Administration, with the far-right Israeli NGO Regavim pushing to have this community expelled from their lands, there is a real possibility that their homes will be demolished before the community has a chance to work through their legal remedies.

As a result, the Good Shepherd Collective has been working to build an international encampment to act as a protective presence, a deterrent that has proven effective in communities like Khan al-Ahmar. However, in doing so, there are the costs of transportation, food, and ongoing legal assistance for activists willing to risk arrest.

While the situation remains extremely fluid, during this initial stage the Good Shepherd Collective in coordination with the community of Um al-Khair is planning to have an international presence for the next two weeks in the village. We are making an appeal to our base for material support with a fundraising goal of $1,800 to cover operational costs.

You can donate through this link here.