Update | 9.27.2019

 Update | 9.27.2019August and September have been absolute buzzsaws on the Palestinian population.There were torrents of home demolitions all through the Jordan

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Update | 8.11.2019

Update | 8.11.2019 August Updates We’ve continued to make big strides locally and internationally in terms of building our networks in

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Update | 7.12.2019

Update | 7.12.2019 July Updates The Israeli Civil Administration is currently in what appears to be another wave of strategic, precision-type

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Update | 5.29.2019

Update | 5.29.2019 May Updates During Ramadan, we are reminded to take gratitude in that which has been given, that which

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Update | 6.18.2019

Update | 6.18.2019 June Updates With the rejection of petitions in the Israeli legal system, there is a renewed threat of

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Update | 4.23.2019

Update | 4.23.2019 April Updates With the calls for the annexation of the West Bank and the wave of home demolitions

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Update | 3.10.2019

Update | 3.10.2019 March Updates The Good Shepherd Collective finished the first harvest from the greenhouse with a healthy yield of

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Update | 2.10.2019

Update | 2.10.2019 It has been a busy month for the Good Shepherd Collective. Most importantly, we convened a meeting in South

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