The Israeli military has confiscated a bulldozer in the Palestinian village of Susiya, in the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank.

Essentially disallowed from constructing at all on their own lands, Palestinian communities like Susiya have long been under threat and likely will continue to be until the laws have been equitably distributed across this land—and/or until a just political solution has been implemented. In the article attached below, Meron Rapoport discusses the role of the current conversation on annexation, and the way in which this inherently political question will force Israelis, Zionists across the globe, and Palestinians and their supporters to reconsider what a real political solution looks like on the ground here. We can no longer cling to to the apolitical rhetoric of human rights—we must turn to real solutions that address the fundamental inequality and racism of settler-colonial frameworks such as Zionism.

“[Annexation] will force Israeli society, and parts of the international community, to return to discussing a political solution to the conflict, which has all but disappeared.

Photo by Hamdan Houraini.