Um al-Khair Community Oven Under Threat | 4.6.2020

Israeli Civil Administration threatens food supply 

Following the dismantling of a community-ran Covid-19 inspection area, the Israeli military entered into the community of Um al-Khair to document and potentially prepare demolition orders for a community oven.

The community oven feeds over 20 people in the southern part of the Um al-Khair. The demolition of a community oven could prove to be devastating for the embattled community during the coronavirus pandemic.

This isn’t the first time that one of the community ovens in Um al-Khair has been targeted for demolition.

Following a long legal battle against Regavim, a far-right settler organization that advocates for the demolition of Palestinian homes, on October 27, 2014, the Israeli military demolished an oven that fed over people.

“If the Israeli military comes to demolish the oven, these families will lose their source of bread. With all the Palestinian people trying not to spread the coronavirus, this would force our people to have to go to stores and be in public,” said one of the villagers of Um al-Khair. “We just can’t believe that anybody would be demolishing homes right now – but Israel is. But we are also scared if they come to demolish this oven. This oven has been here for 20 years. For God sake, we are just simple people.”
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