Update | 5.29.2019

May Updates

During Ramadan, we are reminded to take gratitude in that which has been given, that which has been taken away, and the character building process into the unknown future.

These past few weeks have been both encouraging, but difficult in the South Hebron Hills, Um al-Khair, and the Good Shepherd Collective. We were a part of a joint educational tour with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence and held a joint direct action in the 918 Firing Zone–one in which Tariq Hathaleen, one of GSC’s core members was arrested. The joint initiative was particularly illuminating for some of the participants.

Um al-Khair’s livestock facilities were demolishedearlier in the month, just a few days after the Israeli High Court announced that the time frame to appeal demolition orders would be reduced to 96 hours–leaving almost no for local communities to respond. Thankfully, after the GSC launched an international appeal to finance the reconstruction of the facilities, we raised 850 dollars in a few short days.

We’ve had several healthy harvests of cucumbers for Iftar dinners and are looking forward to several more.

We continue to move forward building a movement on the ground for the campaign against Regavim, and it has been really encouraging to see the grassroots support for the initiative. We are continuing to scavenge for volunteers who have strong graphic design and video production skills for the media production component of our upcoming campaign. Additionally, we are in need of continued financial support to cover travel costs across the Holy Land as part of these efforts. We are asking individuals to consider making a small monthly donation to cover the expenses. Collectively, individuals making a monthly investment towards justice of five, ten, fifteen, or twenty dollars a month adds up in a short time.

If you are a US citizen wishing to make a tax-exempt donation, you can do so through the Alliance for Global Justice at this link. If you are a UK citizen you can use GiftAid through the British Shalom-Salaam Trust at the Charities Aid Foundation platform here.

GSC, along with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence are urgently trying to raise funds to replace some of the documentation equipment for the Youth of Sumud activists in Atwuani. Please make a donation here